Conglin Aluminum

Longkou Conglin Aluminum Co。, Ltd。


Longkou Conglin Aluminum Co., Ltd. (Herein after referred to as Conglin Aluminum) was founded in 1992. It has more than1,500 employees, a mold manufacturing division, an aluminum alloy casting division, an aluminum extrusion division, an aluminum section deep processing division as well as a national test center. As an important industrial section and aluminum alloy high-end equipment R&D manufactory, Conglin Aluminum always regards “to expand the application of environmentally friendly aluminum, high-end aluminum and terminal aluminum products” as its development strategy and forms an aluminum industrial chain integrating engineering design, material preparation, intensive processing and general assembly of modules into a whole. Conglin Aluminum is a research and production base of industrial aluminum sections, especially aluminum sections for rail transit in China.

In recent years, Conglin Aluminum has aimed at a high degree of integration of automation, informationization and intelligentization and increased investment in high-end equipment constantly. It has a sound industrial aluminum product R&D and production system covering mold design and manufacturing, aluminum alloy smelting and casting, aluminum extrusion, deep processing and so on. Moreover, Conglin Aluminum also has built a world-class flexible mold production line, cultivated a professional mold design and R&D team, successfully developed flat molds and segment molds applicable to a variety of material extraction and can meet the production demands for new car body materials. In addition, Conglin Aluminum has four internationally advanced production lines with an annual output of 100,000 tons of cast ingots (maximum cast ingot specification can reach 560mm, flat aluminum ingot specification: 680*280mm), whose quality, variety and technology all reach a leading level in Chinese market. It is also equipped with 10,000-ton, 9,000-ton and 8,000-ton extrusion lines, totaling 20 or more. As an aluminum extrusion production base in China the most complete extruding machine configuration, Conglin Aluminum can produce aluminum sections with different sizes of sections, as well as extra large industrial aluminum sections with a cross section up to 900mm maximally, a diameter up to 600mm maximally and a length up to 30m. Based on its own material advantages, Conglin Aluminum also introduces Australian IGM, German CLOOS and other large gantry automatic welding robots as well as German FOOKE large-scale five-axle CNC gantry processing centers, therefore, Conglin Aluminum has the qualification to weld and process aluminum alloys and stainless steel with the strictest requirements on performance, and all kinds of aluminum alloy products with a maximum length of 120 meters and a maximum width of 11 meters.

Aiming at a “high-end oriented, integration-oriented and terminal-oriented” product positioning, Conglin Aluminum continues to optimize its product structure and transforms towards the field of aluminum processing characterized by high added value, high technical content and broad market prospects. Conglin Aluminum’s products are widely used in traffic, construction bridges, electrical and electronics, machinery manufacturing, maritime equipment, aerospace and military field. On the basis of developing bigger and stronger in aluminum material business, Conglin Aluminum takes the lead in the R&D of aluminum semitrailer, auto parts, aluminum alloy passenger foot-bridges, aluminum alloy ships, aluminum alloy building templates and other light-weight terminal products that can fill up domestic blank and realizes industrialization and bulk supplies.

Conglin Aluminum always adheres to innovation and development, focuses its attention on the world cutting-edge technology。 By taking advantages of technologies of national technical centers, post-doctoral workstations and nationally recognized testing laboratories, Conglin Aluminum has accumulated abundant experience in producing industrial sectional materials after 20 or more years of constant innovation, overcome key technical problems in railway vehicle car body materials, car body modules, aluminum alloy semitrailers, auto parts, aluminum alloy special boats, aluminum alloy structural engineering, etc。, and made a series of technology achievements with complete independent intellectual properties。 In the mean time, Conglin Aluminum further strengthens industry-university-research cooperation by joining hands with China Non-ferrous Metals Industry Association, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of CSIC, Beijing Nonferrous Research Institute, Central South University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shandong University and other units。 It has become a Graduate Student Social Practice Base of many universities, and introduced a number of high-end technical personnel, providing sufficient talent guarantee for its technical improvement。

Conglin Aluminum has successfully passed the certification of the international railway industry’s IRIS system, the highest international railway vehicle welding qualification EN15085, ISO9001 Quality Management System, auto industry production qualification TS16949 system, DNV, ABS, CCC, etc。 Its quality guarantee system has run effectively and its product quality has reached the world’s advanced level。



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