Fanlin Cement

Longkou Fanlin Cement Co., Ltd.


Company Profile:

Longkou Fanlin Cement Co., Ltd. is registered in October 1994 with its registered capital as RMB 1,015.6billion yuan and with its fixed assets as 1.6 billion yuan. The company can produce more than 5,000,000 tons of clinkers and cements, 1,000,000 tons of superfine slag powder, and has annual sales revenue as 1.2 billion yuan. The company now has 906 employees, among which there are 169 senior technical staff. Two new-type dry process rotary kiln cement clinker production lines of the company are designed by Tianjin Cement Industry Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. with respective production scale as 2,500t/d and 4,000t/d, and are equipped with 3MW and 6MW low-temperature waste heat power stations respectively. The production process from the crushing of the limestone to the cement package is remote-controlled by the computer, raw material mill is the UM40.4 vertical mill produced by UBE Industries Co., Ltd. in Japan with international advanced level, clinkering system adopts advanced single-series low-voltage loss five-stage cyclone pre-heater, TSD decomposition furnace and rotary kiln with big hood designed by Tianjin Cement Industry Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd, SF2* grate cooler with high cooling efficiency and long running period produced by FLSmidth shall be used as cooling machine, and cement grinding is composed by roller press, ball grinder and SEPA high-efficient air separator, and with advanced technology, so as to make sure the product quality, energy consumption and various environment-protection indexes of the company meet the national standard, which establishes the leading edge advantage and position in the market competition in the industry.

Development of the company:

The company took the lead in conforming to national product quality authentication in 1989, and pass national ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification in 2006, national ISO14001: 2004 environmental management system certification in 2010, CNAS national laboratory accreditation in 2009, and Conglin He brand cement gained the certificate as Chinese well-known trademarks issued by Trademark Office of State Administration for Industry and Commerce in 2011, and awarded national cement standardized outstanding contribution award in 2012, and passed national ISO18001-2011 occupational health and safety management system certification in October 2013.

Products of the company

The company mainly produce five kinds of cements, such as Conglin He brand P。O42。5\P。O42。5R\P。O52。5R grade ordinary Portland cement, P。C32。5\P。C32。5R grade composite Portland cement, and Portland cement clinker, which are applicable for the following: first, high strength concrete with significant structure and prestressed concrete engineering, such as ports, bridges, high-rise buildings and cement products, etc。; second, projects with fast coagulation, high initial strength that need to construct in winter and project that shall repeat freeze-thaw cycles in severe cold area; third, impervious concrete engineering with excellent wear resistance, such as tunnel, road surfaces, highways and airport runways。

Sales revenue and network:

Fanlin cement not only has good development in domestic market, but also takes a place in the foreign market. Depending on the good quality for many years and good reputation among our customers, our annual cement export is over 2,000,000 tons, and we shall 20%-90% of the cement to some African countries, such as Angola, Congo, Ras Al Khaimah, Equatorial Guinea and Mozambique, etc., sell 1%-2% of the cement respectively to Columbia in North America, Russia and Burma in ASEAN. All these show our good quality and good reputation of Fanlin Cement.



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