Development Strategy

Development Strategy

March 28, 2005, on the National Science and Technology Conference, the world’s first 10,000 tons extruder developed by Conglin independently won the National Science and Technology Progress Award。 The party and state leaders Hu Jintao, Wu Bangguo, Wu Guanzheng inspected Conglin and were on the tiptoe of expectation of standing on China and trending to the world。

Independent innovation is the bone of supporting the rise of a county and the inexhaustible power of enterprise development. The large and extra large aluminum processing and manufacturing is the patent of a few developed countries all along. Conglin Group took up the banner of revitalizing the national manufacturing industry; faced up to the difficulties; invested 300 million Yuan; depended on people's intelligence and ability, scientific and technological innovation, institutional innovation; overcame unprecedented difficulties and pressure; successfully developed the world’ first 10,000 tons hydraulic double-action aluminum 10000 tons extruder with their own intellectual property rights. This was such a great and generous achievement in the field of major technical equipment after the 10,000 tons water press in the 1960’s. From then on, Congling Group has become the important industrial aluminum profile R & D and production base all over the world. From the scene of Shenzhou rocket emission to the first maglev train of China, from the high buildings and large mansions to national defense and military industry, aluminum profile is the indispensable part. From American Aluminum to German Siemens, from French Alstom to Danish Maersk, the customers of Conglin are all over the world.

Locating in Jiaodong Peninsula and the seashore of Bohai, Conglin Group likes the rising sun; shows its vigorous vitality and attracts the world’s attentions.

The aluminum alloy van-type truck with wings opening which adopts aluminum alloy as body materials and the special vehicles requested by customers are the successful explorations and innovations of Conglin Group’s auto manufacturing industry.

In order to extend Conglin aluminum industrial chain and expand the field of aluminum processing, Conglin Group cooperates with German companies, Finnish companies and Korean companies and fully committed to the processing and manufacturing of subway, light rail and the other large-scaled rail transport aluminum body module, aluminum ships, aluminum construction template and the others.

The latest heat insulation series of aluminum alloy construction profile with the introduction of Italian Luokedi technology is widely used in the Zhongnanhai in Beijing, Shenzheng International Convention and Exhibition Center, Chian APEC Exposition and the other national key projects. The radiator, aluminum alloy doors and windows and the other civilian aluminum are eminent in the industry.

A thousand sails pass by the wrecked ship, and ten thousands saplings actually shoot up beyond the withered tree。 The concept of scientific and technological innovation directly improves the completely changes of Conglin Group’s traditional industry。 The idea of scientific and technological innovation is deeply accepted by the people of Conglin Group and earns the fruitful achievements。

We invested 750 million Yuan to carry out the technical transformation. The 6 million tons annual output of cement help Conglin cement embarked on the road of modern economized enterprise with low consumption, low pollution, and high-yielding energy.

Conglin ductile iron pipes and pipe fittings were exported once to Middle East 8000 tons; and they have passed the examination and identification many times of Singapore PSB, BVQI, Switzerland SGS and the other international authorized institutions.

China’s widest steel cord conveyor belts of Qinghuangdao Port are from Conglin Tape which won the Innovation and Technology Award organized by U。N。 TIPS。

Although there are many different people in Conglin, they hold the same idea。 Conglin has formed its own culture which spreads Conglin’s spirit and concept and changes them into the power of production, the passion of entrepreneurship and the unchangeable pursuit in the hearts of Conglin’s staff。

Prospers Conglin is in the vigorous society. Conglin Group takes the responsibility of realizing the great rejuvenation of Chinese nation as our task; puts the creation of Conglin with one hundred years history as our aim; tries our best to realize the new leap forward and writes the brilliant time.



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