Company profile

Company profile

Founded in 1982, Conglin Group Co., Ltd. is the comprehensive state-level enterprise producing rail transit profiles, lightweight car and parts, special boat, pedestrian overcrossing, cement, power generation, nodular cast iron pipe and pipe fittings, which has national enterprise technology center, science research institutions, such as National Recognized Testing Laboratory, Post-Doctoral Research station, Shandong Province Taishan Scholar Position, and is the top 500 countries in Chinese manufacturing industry. It has more than 5,000 employees now, and has 9 billion yuan fixed assets, and wins 12.55 billion yuan main business revenue in 2013.

For many years, the company persists in innovation。 The first self-developed 10,000 tons extruder in the world won first prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress Award, undertook 23 national scientific research projects, hosted and joined in the preparation of more than 50 national and industrial standards, completed 26 provincial science and technology achievement appraisal, applied more than 800 national patents in total, and the “Development and industrialization of high-strength extra-thin large-scale aluminum alloy car body profile for high-speed rail transportation” project developed in 2011 won the second “China Industry Awards recognition award”。”

As the mainstay industry of Conglin Group and the biggest cement export enterprise in China, Conglin Cement owns two new-type dry process cement production lines, uses international advanced level of production, test, test technology and equipment, is equipped with self-owned power plant with 39,000 KW installed capacity, produces 5,000,000 tons of high-strength cement and 1,000,000 tons of superfine slag powder annually, and exports to Africa and middle east。

Conglin Adhesive Tape is the designated production enterprise producing fire retardant conveyer belts for national Ministry of Coal, introduces international advanced production technology, produces 9,000,000 m2 various conveyer belt annually, including fabric conveyor belts for common use, steel cord conveyor belt, PVC and PVG whole flame fire retardant conveyor belt, conveyor belt with heat-resistant, oil-resistant, heat-resistant, acid and alkali resistant covering layer, and rubber gasket of various specifications.

Conglin Pipe Industry adopts international advanced technology and production and test equipment, and produces ductile cast iron pipe and pipe fittings in accordance with international standards, such as ISO2531, BS EN545。 The products has excellent corrosion resistance, good ductility and sealing effect, and exports to all parts of the world relying on the port advantages。

While developing traditional industry, Conglin Group is exploring a road of industrial transformation actively, grasps the pulse of the industry development, strives to develop new industry, and is now forming the new industrial chain centered on aluminum alloy machining.

Conglin Aluminum Industry (Longkou City Conglin Aluminum product Co., Ltd.) is the key Hi-Tech enterprise of the National Torch Program, the development and production base of Chinese industrial aluminum profile and aluminum alloy profile for rail transportation, equipped with complete development and production technology and equipment for industrial aluminum material, such as advanced aluminum alloy melting and casting, mold development and production and experimental inspection. It has domestic leading-edge aluminum alloy profile production capability, technology level, and market share, now owns more than 20 international leading extrusion production lines, including 100MN, 90MN, 80MN extrusion production lines, the products from which are widely used in decades of fields, such as aerospace, shipping, container, military profile and industrial profile, etc.

Conglin Carbody (Longkou City Conglin/Germany Carbody System Engineering Co., Ltd.) is the high-end aluminum deep processing enterprise focuses on the welding and machining of the rail vehicle car body aluminum parts, which owns 60,000 m2 constant temperature and humidity workshops and introduces many international leading level large-scale automatic welding production lines and equipment such as large-scale five-axis NC machining center, passes international highest-level Aluminum alloy welding qualification certification EN15085-2 CL1, specializes in the welding and machining of rail vehicle car body module and large-scale aluminum alloy structural parts, and is now forming the production scale of car body module for 3,000 rail trains.

As a China-Japan joint venture, based on the development and production advantages of Conglin Group Aluminum alloy profile, Conglin Automobile (Shandong Conglin Fruehauf Automobile Co., Ltd.) introduces advanced production process and production equipment from abroad, and completes the development of light-weight aluminum alloy vehicle model, such as stake truck, van vehicle, tank truck, low platform semi-trailer, which is light weighted (reduces 35% of its weight, and saves more than 20% of the oil) and shows significant effect of energy conservation and emission reduction and increases transportation benefit. 8 vehicle models has been listed in national Announcement of Vehicle Production Enterprise and Products, and gains the sole manufacturing qualification of aluminum semi-trailer from the Industry and Information Technology department.

Jointly founded by Conglin Group and PML Co。, Ltd。 in Germany, relying on the powerful development, production and deep-processing advantages of aluminum alloy profiles of the Conglin Group, and depending on the technology and experience from PML company, Conglin Maier (Shandong Conglin Maier Aluminum Alloy Structural Engineering Co。, Ltd。) mainly deals in the development and production of aluminum light-weight structural engineering, such as aluminum overbridge, large-scale architectural structure。

Jointly founded by Conglin Group and Finland, Conglin Aluminum Boat (Shandong Conglin Kewa Aluminum Boat Co., Ltd.) strives to build aluminum special boat for various professional use, which can be widely used in sea surface patrol, firefighting and lifesaving, rescue and relief work, sea surface grease removal and marine sightseeing traveling, etc..

Conglin Aluminum Mould (Conglin Aluminum Mould Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.) pushes forward a new generation of Aluminum alloy mould system with the business mode combining sales, release and construction. The company introduces the leading-edge development, design and installation technology of aluminum mould from South Korea, and yields aluminum mould annually up to 500,000 m2, and can provide complete supporting services for various real estate development companies, construction companies, release companies, such as engineering design, production and machining, escrow, refurbishment, recovery, training and engineering, etc.

In the future, Conglin Group shall continuously respond to the nation’s call of developing circular economy, take “low consumption, low emission, high efficiency” as the development target, uphold the Conglin Spirit of “pragmatic and efficient, pursuit of excellence”, fulfill the core value of “loyal to the enterprise, adore morality, contribute to organization, innovation and innovation and surpass”, push forward the development of national business unceasingly with triumphalism, and contribute new effort for the economic construction of the country.

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